Python Conference Ireland 2019

2019-10-12 11:30 AM

I presented a talk on my Python module pflacs at the 2019 Python Ireland conference in Dublin, on the 12th of October. The title of the talk was pflacs: Faster loadcases and parameter studies.


This talk introduces a Python module I have created called pflacs, an open-source package that takes advantage of Python’s flexible dynamic nature and its introspection tools to provide an object-orientated environment for automating engineering design and computational studies. Traditionally engineering design methodologies have been very slow, manual and iterative, however recent developments in computer technologies are driving a growing trend towards automation. The author has a background in the subsea oil & gas industry, and has applied pflacs to automating the design of subsea pipelines. Although its origins and primary objectives are in engineering design, pflacs can be used to manage and automate parameter study type analyses in any domain that has a significant computational component.


The video of my talk at PyCon Ireland 2019 can be viewed on YouTube at this link.


The presentation slides can be viewed at this link. The slides are in Reveal.js format, generated from a Jupyter notebook. Reveal lays out the slides on a 2-dimensional grid (press o to see an overview). Press n to move to the next slide, and press p to go back. Alternatively, you can use the arrow control at the bottom-right, go down first and then to the right . Pressing ? shows all the keyboard shortcuts.

  1. PyConIE 2019 website
  2. Python Ireland website
  3. Presentation slides
  4. Presentation video
  5. GitHub repo with presentation resources
  6. pflacs on Gihub
  7. vntree on Gihub
  8. pdover2t on Gihub

PyConIE2019 pflacs on YouTube