The Future Subsea Digital Toolbox

2019-10-31 3:20 PM

I presented a talk entitled Beyond visualisations: realising the full value of subsea data at the joint SUT-IMCA-THSIS event The Future Subsea Digital Toolbox in Aberdeen on 31st October 2019. The theme of my talk was that we need to look beyond current technological developments (exciting as they are) if we are going to realise the full potential value in subsea data.

My presentation slides can be downloaded at this link.


In recent years there have been many exciting developments related to the gathering and presentation of subsea data. These developments promise to reduce costs and improve insight, however the focus on new technologies may be distracting from the ultimate purposes of subsea data: to optimise performance, enhance integrity and reduce threats through better understanding of infrastructure behaviour and risks. Emulation and incremental improvement often characterise the initial phase of a technological shift; however true transformation is only achieved when the inherent strengths of the new technology are realised and exploited to the full. This presentation will propose that the opportunity now exists to transform subsea engineering into a data-driven discipline, where optimised design solutions are possible and true risk is well understood. The presentation will discuss how this can be achieved and the special challenges involved in realising the full value of subsea data.

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